IonicGuard® is a scientifically proven odor control system designed to enhance processed plastic products.

While competitive technology attempts to shroud malodor molecules without bonding, IonicGuard® utilizes active odor neutralization, with proprietary ingredients that ionically and covalently bond to malodor molecules. These bonds are strong enough to convert the lighter, volatile malodor molecules into larger, heavier, non-volatile molecules that cannot be detected by the human sense of smell.


The IonicGuard® Odor Control System comes in custom-formulated masterbatches.

The vast majority of malodors fall into four chemical classes that contain: a Sulfur atom, a Nitrogen atom, a Carboxylic Acid group, or an Alcohol group. The IonicGuard® Odor Control System effectively neutralizes 95% of odors, including: Ammonia, Diethyl Amine, Indole, Skatole, Cigarette Smoke, ISO Valeric Acid, Methyl Mercaptan, Hydrogen Sulfide, Onion, Sardine, Propionic Acid, Mildew, Body Odor, Foot Odor, Cat Urine, Garbage Can Odor, Smoke, Pet Odor, and Food Odor.

Applications include trash bags, molded and extruded plastic products, recycled and wood plastics, and more. Typical addition levels on the concentrate are 1-5%, depending on the application.

Kitchen Bags

Consumer Packaging

To communicate the odor neutralization benefit while enhancing shelf appeal, IonicGuard® Odor Control branding has been designed for ease of integration into consumer packaging. Positioned on a strong white background with a defining shadow, the identity can be incorporated into virtually any existing or new package design. To convey specific fragrances, like lavender or lemon, enhanced logos featuring vibrant imagery are also available. Add IonicGuard® Odor Control to your products to improve brand recognition and increase sales.


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