At Dyvex™, our mission is to provide consistent quality coupled with the best service and accessibility.

A highly focused, fragrance-first plastics compounder, Dyvex™ has been compounding superior materials for the solid fragrance/flavor concentrate specialty market for more than 25 years. Service and quality-oriented, our team strives to be a significant factor in your success. Decades of experience and professional expertise enable us to facilitate product development and production with both accuracy and speed. The synergy between our physical plant capabilities and our willingness to help you accomplish your goals makes us an integral strategic partner.

Turnkey Project Management Services include collaboration with fragrance houses to design application specific scented plastic beads based on process ability, market interest, and functionality. Working in partnership with every major fragrance house, we leverage our technical, intellectual, and manufacturing capabilities to create high quality products that perform successfully in our customers’ target markets.

We can accurately replicate virtually any fragrance or flavor.

Our proprietary process imparts the least amount of heat history to our solid fragrance concentrates.

  • We ensure additive loading accuracy, and take strong measures to prevent pre-volatilization of fragrance top notes and other volatile additives.
  • Our equipment delivers precise temperature control, controlled and stable shear rates, and high filler loading capacity.
  • Pellets are formed under water, protected from atmospheric influence until cooled to room temperature, and then immediately packaged in vapor barrier containers.