Polyessence® Solid Fragrance and Flavor Concentrates are available in almost any fragrance or flavor imaginable.

If you’re looking for fragrance additives for plastics, choose Dyvex™. We combine complex mixtures of fragrance materials and disperse them in a unique, multi-component polymer alloy. These concentrates can be used in their original form, or molded or extruded to suit your needs. Dry to the touch, they are compatible with PE, PP, EVA, and PVC. For long-term storage stability, products ship in specialized vapor barrier packaging.

Custom-designed, high performance concentrates, tailored to fit a wide variety of specialized applications

Our proprietary manufacturing process has been designed to deliver high quality replications of your specified fragrances and/or flavors. The composition of active ingredients in our formulations is engineered for your specific process and application, with custom color matching available upon request.

  • All concentrates are custom made to order
  • We are associated with all the major fragrance houses
  • Fragrance loadings from 5%-40%
  • Scent-infused plastic pellets are dry to the touch and dust free
  • Custom colors available
  • Solid fragrance concentrates delivered in vapor barrier packaging
  • Samples available for customer evaluations
  • Small minimum quantities

Dyvex Industries is now part of the Protech Group

The Protech Group has acquired the specialty materials business of Dyvex Industries on December 30th, 2021. We look forward to serving you as the dedicated staff at Dyvex Industries have served you over the years.

Thank you for your ongoing support and your confidence.