When fragrance evokes strong emotions and memories, it can help sell products

When fragrance evokes strong emotions and memories, it can help sell products.

It’s a well-known fact that fragrances have a powerful influence on human emotion. They even have the power to bring back memories, allowing us to relive some of our most pleasant experiences.

According to the study, “Proustian Products are Preferred: The Relationship Between Odor-Evoked Memory and Product Evaluation,” was published in June 2015 in the journal Chemosensory Perception, the Proustian memory effect – that fragrances elicit more emotional and evocative memories than other memory cues – is well established. Fragrances also influence psychological states from moods to motivated behavior. Consumer research has shown that pleasant, product-congruent scents enhance product appeal and that scent can increase recall for product information. The study showed that the personal potency of Proustian memories evoked by a product’s fragrance drives product perception more than the scent’s hedonic qualities do.*

Through our fragrance concentrate portfolio, Dyvex™ strives to help consumers make that connection. Creating fragrances that are balanced – with a complementary ratio of top notes to base and middle notes – is part art and part science. After the unique profiles and characteristics of all the ingredients are carefully considered, based on the end-use application, they are blended to create a harmonious odor profile.

In developing fragrances for plastic applications, it is important to think beyond the end use. It’s critically important to consider the processing conditions, in terms of temperature and residence time, to which the ingredients will be subjected during manufacturing.

The incorporation of high molecular weight ingredients helps preserve the integrity of the fragrance during processing. In addition, it enables predictable performance of the finished product and good fragrance replication.

Once the fragrance has been created, the oil is encapsulated in a dry-to-the-touch polymer matrix. These concentrated scented pellets are produced under conditions that facilitate long-lasting fragrance performance and authentic aromatic character.

Finished pellets can be added to a multitude of plastic parts, including garbage bags, toys, air fresheners, and more.




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